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"Positive Psychologie für Coachs und Trainer*innen“
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Jannette Allen

Sudetenstr. 102
85567 Grafing

Tel: 0809284596
Fax: -
Mobil: 01792020047
  • Deutsch
  • Englisch
Jahrgang: -
Aktiv seit: 12.01.2000
E-Mail: ja@pls-coaching.de
Internet: www.pls-coaching.de




For more than 20 years, I have been supporting leaders as a communication trainer/consultant and coach. My clients come from a wide range of industries and sectors including automotive, energy, civil engineering and real estate. Typical situations have been change processes, taking on new leadership positions, strategy development, stress and conflict management

As founder of PLS, I have also been leading an international team of trainers who develop the skills our clients need to become successful intercultural communicators. The nature of this work means that I have extensive practical experience leading virtual intercultural teams. From language to leadership topics, we support international clients to succeed in an interculural environment.



My approach is both solution oriented and systemic. It is important for me to serve as a challenging and inspiring sparring partner, to give open and honest feedback. My British humour often helps takes the sting out of the most stressful situation.



Throughout my career, I have enjoyed watching my two wonderful children growing up. Living abroad it was not always easy to support my aging Mum. I am therefore fully aware of the work-life dilemma and the difficulties of reconciling a demanding job with family loyalties.



As I have lived in Germany for 30 years, I am comfortable coaching in both German and English.






  • Aus- und Weiterbildung
  • Umwelt/Energie
  • Fahrzeugbau
  • Technologie/Maschinenbau
  • Telekommunikation


  • Entscheidungsfindung
  • Führung und Management
  • Interkulturelles
  • Neuorientierung
  • Potenzialentwicklung
  • Zeitmanagement


  • Geschäftsleitung
  • Abteilungsleitung
  • Team- und Gruppenleitung
  • Vorstand