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"Mehrwert schaffen durch Training und Coaching"

Der Deutsche Verband für Coaching und Training (dvct) e.V. gibt mit einem neuen Ratgeber Hilfe für Personalentwickler*innen und Bildungsexpert*innen, die bei Trainings und Coachings nichts dem Zufall überlassen möchten. „Mehrwert schaffen durch Training und Coaching“ ist ab sofort als Hardcover-Version und als E-Book erhältlich: BoD und amazon

Das Buch wendet sich an alle, die Trainings und Coachings im Unternehmen initiieren, managen und verantworten. Es erleichtert die Planung und Durchführung der gesamten Prozesskette: von der Auswahl guter Coachs und Trainer*innen bis zur Raumplanung und zur Auswertung von Trainings- und Coachingergebnissen. Dazu bietet das Buch im handlichen Format viele Übersichten, Checklisten und Fragen zur Selbstreflexion.

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The Complexity Trap. Why We Need a New Management Approach

Stephanie Borgert | ISBN: 978-153201952

      It seems like some organizations need to get turned inside out to react to the growing complexity of our world. Concepts like interconnectedness, self-organization, and unpredictability seem too big and mysterious for them to confront. Making things harder is the fact that complex tasks are dynamic, nonlinear, and nontransparent. There are no simple solutions to handle them, and there is always the question of context. As a result, Stephanie Borgert, an expert on navigating complex problems and situations, doesn't provide ready-made blueprints in this book, but she does give managers and executives the tools and insights they need to respond to these challenges. She introduces the concept of complexity and explains the key features of complex systems. Then, she reveals the nine most common complexity-related misconceptions that continue to be widespread in management circles. By summarizing the skills, mindsets, and competencies that are necessary for mastering complexity, she provides the insights that executives and managers need to be successful despite--or perhaps as a result of--complexity. Demystify complexity and clarify what it really means for your organization and team with the lessons in The Complexity Trap.