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"Mehrwert schaffen durch Training und Coaching"

Der Deutsche Verband für Coaching und Training (dvct) e.V. gibt mit einem neuen Ratgeber Hilfe für Personalentwickler*innen und Bildungsexpert*innen, die bei Trainings und Coachings nichts dem Zufall überlassen möchten. „Mehrwert schaffen durch Training und Coaching“ ist ab sofort als Hardcover-Version und als E-Book erhältlich: BoD und amazon

Das Buch wendet sich an alle, die Trainings und Coachings im Unternehmen initiieren, managen und verantworten. Es erleichtert die Planung und Durchführung der gesamten Prozesskette: von der Auswahl guter Coachs und Trainer*innen bis zur Raumplanung und zur Auswertung von Trainings- und Coachingergebnissen. Dazu bietet das Buch im handlichen Format viele Übersichten, Checklisten und Fragen zur Selbstreflexion.

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The Next Wave in Business - Human is the Next Big Thing

Stefan Götz | ISBN: 151-1-56059-2

Elon Musk, Otto Scharmer, Frédéric Laloux, Steve Jobs, Peter Senge, Ricardo Semler, Ken Wilber, Götz Werner, Don Beck, Ellen MacArthur, Christian Felber, Eckhart Tolle, Brian Chesky, Dalai Lama and Fred Kofmann all Change Leaders of their kind who share a level of consciousness that reveals a new window of potential, which carries a blueprint, filled with impulses, inspiration, and ideas from the future. Acting out of this consciousness, organizations have the power to enrich our lives and transform the status quo of our world.“This book is very stimulating and challenges us to think forward. An excellent book for conscious leaders as a clear way is shown how to build future organizations.”Graeme A’Court, APAC Director at ALung Technologies, USA“I believe this book to be at the very forefront of a whole new consciousness, not only in terms of leadership and organisational culture – but also what it means to live to one’s full potential as a human being.”Kieron Goodwin, Executive Director of the Kiwi Recovery Trust, New Zealand“A book which leads people to becoming a true leader indeed!”Jack Liao 收件者, Quality Manager CBCT, China“It’s really not only a book rather a journey towards excellence ... touching inner senses and revolutionary.”Saranath Bhaduri, Vice President Manufacturing Ceratizit, India“... very inspiring book ... Your holistic approach of the reader: You make him think, feel and trigger the motivation to act at his level…. It will be a success.”Henri-Jean Braudel, Airbus Manager, France“Reading the book really strengthend my belief that business of the future is human.”Ulrike Suhr, Marketing Director CGI, Germany